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Reservation owners, properties and business partners making transactions in TurkeyBooker.com website, benefiting from all of our services including the services presented with e-mail or phone are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions stated below. You are not entitled to use this website if you do not accept these provisions, conditions and notifications.

* Introduction
On our TurkeyBooker.com website, we provide services for making reservations for staying in the accommodation properties (hotels, hostels, apartments, etc.) within our content; and other travel reservations. An informational e-mail will be sent to you after your reservation and the related property and business partners will be informed of your reservation. The information within in our website is the information provided by the properties and business partners included in our system. Despite the fact that we overview the content provided to us, it is not possible for us to be held responsible from an incoherency, inadequacy or a mistake. Thus, all properties within our website are always responsible of the information and of the accuracy of prices, quota and all other information. It is not possible for us to be held responsible of an error that might derive from any maintenance, repair or interruption in our website. We do not charge extra for the reservation transactions done on our TurkeyBooker.com website.

* Price Policy
As a local source, TurkeyBooker.com makes the necessary efforts to provide best prices to its users. All prices on our website are VAT included. Some changes in the prices might be observed in some occasions (non-refundable reservation, promotions). The reservation owner is informed of all those details. Thus, we advise the reservation owners to carefully examine what is included in the total sum. Contradicting and obvious errors (typing errors, etc.) are not binding. Currency converter should only be used for informative purposes since the prices may vary due to the fluctuations in the currencies. TurkeyBooker.com cannot be held responsible from the calculations and the problems that might arise in this regard.

* Cancellation
Based on the terms and conditions of your reservation and the related property or business partner, you might be entitled to cancel your reservation. You can clearly see this status in the e-mail dispatched to you and the summary page before making the reservation. Thus, please make your reservations after checking whether you are entitled to cancel your reservations and the deadline of cancelling it. Please note that the relevant property or business partner may charge from your credit card in the event of a failure to use the reservation or to cancel it.

* Properties and Business Partners
Accommodation properties (hotel, hostel, apartment, etc.) and our business partners included on our web-site offer their service and products via TurkeyBooker.com. They aim at providing optimum, high quality and proper service for our users by collaborating TurkeyBooker.com. However, these properties and business partners are not entitled to represent TurkeyBooker.com. TurkeyBooker.com shall not be accountable for undesired and legal circumstances that might arise out of these properties and business partners. Also, TurkeyBooker.com is authorized to stop and cancel; displaying service and products of the included properties and business partners. TurkeyBooker.com shall not be accountable for problems and legal circumstances that might arise out of incomplete and wrong information provided by reservation owners. Additionally, the properties and our business partners shall be responsible for the security of sensitive information (password, etc.) they used for entering the system. TurkeyBooker.com shall not be responsible for any damages of the properties and business partners that result from usage of this information out of its purpose. To solve conflicts that may arise between facilities, business partners and reservation owners, TurkeyBooker.com records will be taken as baseline and reference. However, TurkeyBooker.com cannot be held responsible for such conflicts. TurkeyBooker.com has the right to publish its content on its partner web-sites.

* Credit Card
Your credit card information is generally received to guarantee your reservation and your card can be charged in accordance with the reservation terms and conditions (non-refundable reservation, failing to use the reservation, deposit, etc.). Thus, check the details, terms and conditions of the reservations carefully before making a reservation. Your credit card information is sent to the property or business partners after being taken via using SSL with encryption method. In the event of credit card fraud or the usage of your credit card by the third parties most banks and credit card companies take the risk and cover the losses arising out of fraud or abuse. Either way, please inform us during those occasions. TurkeyBooker.com will use its best efforts to provide you the necessary support. However, TurkeyBooker.com cannot be held responsible from occasions as stated. Your credit card is subjected to pre-provision.

* Copyright
TurkeyBooker.com web-site is for personal and non-commercial use. You are not entitled to use, copy, reproduce, tracking with spider, scraping, etc. methods and download the content of this web-site and the information, software, products and services included, in line with any commercial and competitive activity.

* Miscellaneous
Our web-site cares for your privacy. It shall take necessary precautions for storage and protection of your information. But, the users are responsible for the security of sensitive information (password, etc.) they used for entering the system. In any case of acquisition of this information by other parties or institutions because of user error, the user shall be liable. TurkeyBooker.com reserves the right to adjust, refuse or remove user reviews written referring to provided service within its content. Main presentation languages of TurkeyBooker.com is Turkish and English. Any misunderstanding and incoherency resulted from translations into other languages shall be non-binding. TurkeyBooker.com is not responsible for any personal belongings, goods and baggages forgotten in vehicles after transfers are completed. Occasionally, changes in these terms and conditions might be possible.

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